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Community Efforts

Community Matters

At iCreate Productions, we know the importance of community projects

Don't get us wrong

iCreate isn't just a creative business consultation and marketing agency.

We're much more than just that…

We're also proud to be a humanitarian company too!

We believe that supporting the community that supports you is an essential step for any business.

…And that includes our own

At iCreative Productions, we're always looking for new ways to support local residents

This is why you may have seen us partner with local non-profit organizations in:

  • New Jersey

  • Delaware

  • Pennsylvania 


So why do we do this?

Why is supporting local communities so critical?

It's as simple as supporting community development and revitalization projects.

…Which - in turn - improves the lives of locals.

From supporting families to celebrating the holidays

To our hashtag for change: #Action…

 And let's not forget our support of Art + People = Love


The entire team at iCreate Productions works hard to ensure that we are doing all we can to improve our community and uplift local residents.

If you have a community project in the area that could use our help, get in.

Help Us Make A Difference

Thank you for reaching out!

One of our funding sources is to develop and sell unique, fun, educational, and motivational products. Proceeds from each piece in our Art+People=Love collection go towards supporting our numerous nonprofit partners, their positive aid, and the local communities that we serve. Part of our efforts are about raising awareness for important causes. With any one of the below products, you can help raise awareness and support these local initiatives that help improve the community around us. 

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